10 Questions to Ask Your Maine Coon Breeder

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When it comes to selling Maine Coon Kittens, This is very important and absolutely nothing compares to.

  • Years of Breeding Experience
  • The Quality of the Bloodline
  • The Number References
  • Lengthy Health Guarantees
  • Transparency of the Breeder

10 Questions to ask your Maine Coon Breeder and the Desirable Answers

Desirable = Yes and we still do? Good breeders ALWAYS have Peers or Mentors to talk with.

Desirable = More than 2 years would be desirable. This is very minimum, we recognize everyone starts somewhere but without a Mentor 2 years of “hard luck learning” is a minimum.

The Common and desirable ones in the US are TICA and CFA

Desirable = At lease one successfully on their own.

Desirable = Yes, 1 is pretty standard for unproven bloodlines. 5 is desirable because these breeders have created their lines and have the confidence in their kittens. A long guarantee that the breeder will back up is vital.

Desirable = Echocardiograms, Hips, Genetic Minimum = Genetic, State Mandated.

Desirable = Yes

Florida Law say 8 weeks = NOT Desirable, Desirable = 12 to 16 weeks, Maine Coons do much better in this age range.

Desirable = Yes and many, many more, Actually call them and follow up.

Daily handling, brushing their coats, trimming nails, brushing teeth and teaching them right from wrong.

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