Healthy Start Guarantee

Silver and Blue Kitten Doctor at Florida Maine Coon Breeders

When choosing an ethical Florida Maine Coon breeder, be sure to consider the health testing done by the Florida Maine Coon Breeder. The Healthy Start Guarantee, and health insurance offered with your beautiful Maine Coon kitten. At Florida Maine Coon Breeders, we send every Florida Maine Coons kitten we raise home covered by Trupanion for 30-days at no cost. There are no waiting periods, no exclusions for pre-existing conditions, and all genetic disorders are covered, too! Once the deductible is met, Trupanion pays 90% of all condition-related expenses, including prescription food. It’s pretty amazing coverage, and we strongly encourage our pet owners to consider maintaining it throughout their Maine Coon cat’s lifetime.

At Florida Maine Coon Breeders, we are dedicated to providing you with more than just a furry companion – we offer peace of mind. Our commitment to the well-being of your Maine Coon kitten is reflected in our comprehensive Healthy Start Guarantee™.

Unlike other breeders who typically offer only a one-year guarantee, we go above and beyond by providing a 5 (five-year) genetic Healthy Start Guarantee in writing.

This extended coverage is crucial because genetic conditions in Maine Coon Kittens can often manifest in the second or third year of their life, or even later. Our Healthy Start Guarantee kicks in from the date of adoption, ensuring that your kitten is protected for a longer period of time.

In the unfortunate event that your Maine Coon kitten experiences any of the covered genetic conditions such as HCM, SMA, PKD, or PKdef, we will provide you with a no-cost replacement kitten. This health guarantee remains in effect until your kitten’s fifth birthday.

Additionally, Florida Maine Coon Breeders offers a three-year provision for partial reimbursement of hip dysplasia surgical treatment, as well as a one-year provision for FIP. We also provide a 72-hour treatable condition reimbursement to assist you in the event of minor health issues during the initial days of bringing your kitten home.

At Florida Maine Coon Breeders, we believe in establishing a lifelong partnership of care and comfort with our clients. While we strive to provide the best possible care for your kitten, we understand that life is unpredictable. Therefore, we highly recommend maintaining a Trupanion pet insurance policy for complete peace of mind.

Choose a cattery from Florida Maine Coon Breeders and embark on a lifetime of love, care, and companionship.