MajestiCoon Foundation Line Cats

MajestiCoon Foundation Line Cats

Let’s use this opportunity for a little education as you continue your journey into the Maine Coon World of Cats. Those with an interest in MajestiCoon Foundation Line Cats should join, like this site it aims to inform and help Maine Coon Lovers educate themselves on how Maine Coon Breeders with a strong interest in professionalism and preserving the breed typically make public the pedigrees of their Authentic Maine Coon Cats.

A Maine Coon is not a Maine Coon by name only, on this site we are hoping to help you with all the differences in Authentic High Quality Maine Coon Kittens for sale and some of the lesser quality kittens being sold at the same prices.

MajestiCoon is one of the very few Preservation Maine Coon Breeders in Florida. MajestiCoon Foundation Line Cats can only be found at MajestiCoon, 45 Years of Breeding perfection.

Enjoy Some MajestiCoon Foundation Line Cats pictures, pedigrees and Bio’s!

MajestiCoon Buffalo Bill

MajestiCoon Just Perfect is a Foundation line female Silber and Black Tabby at in Central Florida
King Arthur from Dynamicats, A handsome Tuxedo Male Maine Coon at Florida Maine Coons

Dynamicats King Arthur

MajestiCoon Mia

MajestiCoon Larry

MajestiCoon JoJo

MajestiCoon Lucille

MajestiCoon Simply Perfect


Maggie May

Kaptain Koon

Krystal Star

and many more