Maine Coon Mentorships

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When seeking out a Maine Coon breeder be sure that they have been through a Maine Coon Mentorship, its a very important step in breeding, having a mentor will keep your breeder out of trouble in many different ways. A Maine Coon Cattery Mentor is a knowledgeable and experienced individual who provides guidance, support, and expertise to individuals looking to become professional breeders of Maine Coon cats. The owners of MajestiCoon and Florida Maine Coons , LLC have had the same mentor for years, we are now friends and she is a trusted advisor, your never to old to learn something.

These mentors have years of experience in the field of cat breeding, specifically with the Maine Coon breed, and possess a deep understanding of the breed standards, genetics, care requirements, and breeding practices required to produce healthy kittens. They act as a mentor and teacher to new breeders, offering advice on everything from selecting breeding pairs to caring for pregnant queens and raising kittens. Maine Coon Cattery Mentors play a crucial role in ensuring that ethical breeding practices are followed and that the integrity of the Maine Coon breed is maintained for future generations.

If your breeder has never been mentored that could be a sign of a back yard breeder or someone to lazy to learn the right way.

What type of Breeder would you want to be?

TICA Maine Coon Mentorship

Florida Maine Coons and MajestiCoons from time to time offer participation in their breeding program along with a mentorship. Potential Mentors are NEVER charged a fee, no online course at additional cost, none of that. Just 1 on 1 conversations, video sharing and if your close enough meetups while birthing etc.