In all his glory is MajestiCoon Buffalo Bill, as close to perfect a Classic Brown Maine Coon can be. He is the epitome of Standards, probably the most Standards Correct Maine Coon in Florida and he is owned by MajestiCoons Maine Coons

Please Be Aware that all Florida Maine Coon Breeders are not created equal, nor are their bloodlines, breeding plans, health guarantee’s or ethical practice’s. “These things matter

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A Black Smoke Male Kitten, perfect in the eyes of TICA Maine Coon Standards

MajestiCoon Barnaby, a 10 month old black smoke American lines Maine Coon Kitten born in Florida USA
MajestiCoon Barnaby, a large Black Smoke Male kitten born here at Florida Maine Coons, we are home to some of the finest TICA registered Maine Coon Kittens in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina or anywhere else in the United States of America or the World for that matter, MajestiCoon kittens have been adopted and live all over the world.

Our Beautiful animated Maine Coon Cat Doctor. isn't she cute?

The TICA Blue Ribbon for Outstanding Maine Coon Cattery, awarded 4 times to Florida Maine Coons and also 3 times to MajestiCoons.