In all his glory is MajestiCoon Buffalo Bill, as close to perfect a Classic Brown Maine Coon can be. He is the epitome of Standards, probably the most Standards Correct Maine Coon in Florida and he is owned by MajestiCoons Maine Coons

The outstanding pedigree of MajestiCoon Buffalo Bill can be found here along with many more MajestiCoons registered with PawPeds.

Just Be Aware that all Maine Coon Breeders in Florida or elsewhere are not created equal, nor are their bloodlines or breeding plans or health guarantee’s. These things matter

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MajestiCoon and OptiCoon are renowned for their commitment to excellence in breeding and their dedication to the well-being of their Maine Coon kittens. At MajestiCoon, we are on a mission to promote the historic and highly sought-after MajestiCoon bloodline. Our goal is to provide valuable information and resources about Maine Coon kittens, including important care tips and socialization techniques.

Join us in celebrating the beauty and charm of Maine Coon kittens by learning more about Florida Maine Coon Breeders and our commitment to upholding the highest standards in TICA breeding practices. Explore the fascinating world of Florida Maine Coon kittens for Sale and discover the joy they can bring to your life and how different breeder types plan their breeding programs.

These two bloodlines are managed by the Popular Florida Maine Coons LLC, based in Dunnellon, Florida. As one of the very few Florida state registered Maine Coon Catteries and a Citrus County, Florida licensed Cattery. We are proud to hold these credentials, as they demonstrate our commitment to upholding the highest standards in the industry.

A Black Smoke Male Kitten, perfect in the eyes of TICA Maine Coon Standards

MajestiCoon Barnaby, a 10 month old black smoke American lines Maine Coon Kitten born in Florida USA
MajestiCoon Barnaby, a large Black Smoke Male kitten born here at Florida Maine Coons, we are home to some of the finest TICA registered Maine Coon Kittens in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina or anywhere else in the United States of America or the World for that matter, MajestiCoon kittens have been adopted and live all over the world.

A preservation breeder, is a breeder that is wholly committed to preserving the breed as it is described in the TICA standards. A preservation breeders does not breed extreme features that are more of a fad than what mother nature intended. Such as offset and overly large “rabbit” ears and long muzzles. These are not Maine Coon traits and a preservation breeder would always breed to the standards.

A color breeder is a breeder that enjoys the challenge of trying to unlock the genetic codes to breeding various colors and patterns that are possible with Maine Coons.

A Type breeder is a breeder that typically is trying to create a specific look so that their Maine Coon Kittens for Sale would be come recognizable.

Our Beautiful in animated Maine Coon Cat Doctor. isn't she cute?

Lets explore that topic in more depth, lets start by talking about the very rare Heritage Bloodlines like MajestiCoon with 45 years of history, line and cross breeding the lines into some of the most sought after in the world, the more you know about the history of the bloodlines the better you can predict their health trends for years in advance. Why guess and hope when you have science on your side when you are looking for Maine Coon Kittens for Sale in Florida by the Popular and Ethical Maine Coon Breeders at Florida Maine Coons in Dunnellon, Florida. This is what really separates the serious breeders from the hobby breeders who really don’t have allot invested in breeding healthy, happy Maine Coon Kittens.

Certainly one of the BEST health guarantees in the Maine Coon Kitten world of Breeders belongs to Florida Maine Coons. LLC , lets have a detailed look at how and why this 5 Year Healthy Start Guarantee works and why its possible for the multiple Outstanding Award Winning Maine Coon Cattery be able to offer it, very, very few do.

Out of the dozens of Maine Coon Breeders in Florida only a few have achieved this award. Lets talk about it some more. Here is a link to the TICA Page where you will find Florida Maine Coons and MajestiCoons and other breeders. Ask your breeder if they are on the list and if not why not. Just requires a licensed Veterinarian to make a cattery visit and attest to the condition of the cattery and the breeding program and for the breeder to sign a code of ethics and attest to it, sounds easy? Its not when done correctly.

The TICA Blue Ribbon for Outstanding Maine Coon Cattery, awarded 4 times to Florida Maine Coons and also 3 times to MajestiCoons.

As a new breeder you really should have an experienced Mentor, lets explore here why this is a GREAT Idea.

From time to time some of Florida’s Best Maine Coon Catteries will offer for sale Breeding Rights.

Quality Maine Coon Kittens for Sale with breeding rights